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Summary0000039: UI becomes messy with higher DPI resolution
DescriptionI recently became a happy owner of a 24" LCD - so my desktop resolution is now 1920*1600.
I am not young anymore, so I had problem with the -now- tiny fonts.
Luckily, Windows XP offers a cure for this, by changing the DPI setting:
Display properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> General -> DPI Setting combobox.
I changed the DPI from the standard 96DPI (100%) to 144DPI (150%).
It turned out the windows changes the size of the forms and dialogs, too.
It works well for almost all applications, however the impact on Cheat Engine seems to be really bad; most of the dialogs become fully stuffed (to a degree where it is really hard to navigate around), sometimes some buttons disappears (UI is not scaled properly).
Additional InformationI attached screen shots of such dialogs.
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Dark Byte   
2008-05-08 00:30   
It's known that different DPI's can cause a bad looking interface in CE.
Currently the only solution is to run at a lower resolution and let the display stretching fill up to the whole screen back to fullscreen with readable letters.
Or don't touch the DPI, but I guess that's not a real option

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