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Summary0000385: CE 6.4 Inconsistent math on hotkey in-/decreases on hex values
DescriptionWhen using a hotkey set to increase a float value shown as hex by 800000, it doubles it, as expected (example: 0x3F800000 -> 0x40000000, 1f -> 2f).
In reverse however, decreasing 0x40000000 by 800000, which should just turn the 2f back into 1f, instead it subtracts 800000 from 0x40000000 as if it was a decimal value, resulting in 0x39200000, and it doesn't subtract anything if the value of which to subtract from contains letters, leading me to the conclusion that "Decrease value with:" hotkeys do not work (correctly) on hexadecimal values, while "Increase value with:" does.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open any process with CE
2. Find a float number, add to address list
3. Right Click float in address list, show as hexadecimal
4. Add 2 hotkeys to that float, one increasing, one decreasing
5. Use the hotkeys and watch the odd behaviour of the hex value increasing as a hexadecimal, but decreasing as if it was decimal
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Dark Byte   
2015-03-19 14:07   
fixed in the svn

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