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0000381Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-03-10 20:182015-03-10 22:36
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Summary0000381: Need help not getting anything in scan
DescriptionWhen I'm in my game I have cheat engine up and when I place my line bet at 100. Then type that in to engine hit first scan it works when I down bet 50 enter that in engine hit next scan I get nothing. Then calls to repeat I would have to checkck line bet 100 enter 100 hit next scan then line 50 enter 50 hit next scan. So I just get 1 50 showing double click so it's at bottom. Then click speedhack change speed to 3 slow spins click on spin on game. When I get winning hand I stop spin click on 50 change value bunch 9's click ok. Changes my line bet 9's put back on normal spin get lot of coins but when I got to do the first part I can't get 50 to scan to get the info. When I hit next scan is there a fix if you can help thanks.
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it's pretty much every other I have to enter for the cheat to work it's 100-50 back to 100-50 but can't get the 50 to scan when I click next scan. It's like I can get 1 scan to work but when I have to click next scan after typing in another number it doesn't work

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