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0000378Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-03-01 00:502015-03-01 00:50
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PlatformAndroid Emulator (Andy)OSAndroid 4.2.2 (rooted)OS Versionx86_32
Summary0000378: [ceserver] CE client frequently unresponsive in Windows after connecting.
DescriptionProblem: The CE client is generally unresponsive after connecting to the ceserver on android.

Running the emulator using: Windows 8.1 x64, 6GB RAM, 2GHZ AMD QuadCore APU. CPU and RAM usage both average 50%.

The ceserver and client (for 32bit android) obtained from:

Steps To Reproduce1 - Replaced cheatengine-x86_64 executable in CE 6.4 installation directory with the one provided in rar file.

2 - Transfered ceserver and to emulator's system/xbin and maximized permissions as root (777).

3 - Executed ceserver binary as root in terminal emulator on android. ceserver waits for client connection.

4 - Launched provided cheatengine-x86_64 and open process list and can see the server correctly listed in network list.

5 - Connected to server. At this point, the CE client becomes frequently unresponsive as errors appear looping within the android terminal.
Additional InformationIs this normal? This did not happen with the version (although lacking in features) compiled by CEF user greyman.

It happens immediately after connecting. The client still works (scanning, memory viewing etc.), but is unusable due to the overall slow and non-neglible unresponsiveness that makes it hard to navigate and make changes using CE (In other words, it's like a bad case of FPS lag).

Ironically, giving the VM more CPUs makes the problem worse for the CE client as the frequency at which it is unresponsive increases.
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