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0000376Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-02-28 01:332015-03-01 12:48
ReporterHans Henrik 
Assigned ToDark Byte 
PlatformIntel Core i7 4910MQ, 32gb ramOSWindows 7 x64 SP1OS Version
Summary0000376: x64 cheat engine fails to allocate 9GB ram
DescriptionWhen i try to scan for a single byte with unknown initial value on a process having approximately 230 MB of virtual memory memory, i get the error "Scan error:controller:Failure allocating memory for copy.
Tried allocating 9006934577437375 KB" (this is circa 9 GB)
now, this is despite having over 22GB of memory free. ( )

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2015-02-28 09:56   
SVN Rev 2857 Patch

New Compile Cheat Engine
Dark Byte   
2015-02-28 23:50   
(Last edited: 2015-02-28 23:53)
You're using the kernelmode memory access functions ? If so, this has been fixed in the svn as stated above. (it's an issue with enumerating memory regions by parsing the pagetables manually)

In the meantime, disable kernelmode, it's faster anyhow (I wouldn't call that value 9GB)

Hans Henrik   
2015-03-01 07:31   
yes, yes i was. awesome! resolved then, i guess ^^

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