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Summary0000371: [rev2901 Compile] disassembly out put Holding a 64-bit process seems to be a 32-bit process
DescriptionCompile rev2901 cheat engine

64bit process target -> auto detect disassembly -> 32bit process memory view

64bit process target -> disassembly out put 64bit ->64bit process memory view

But In case of a jump hook in the auto assembler does not move when you press the space at that address
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Dark Byte   
2015-02-09 11:30   
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is the address you're looking at part of the exe, runtime generated(no module) or part of windows?
And does the windows taskmanager under processes put an *32 behind the processname?

2015-02-09 12:24   
Target is a Windows 64-bit programs
(Select the 64-bit cheat engine Recognizing their program as a 32-bit program)

The program is not shown in Task Manager * 32
2015-02-09 12:34   
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Dark Byte   
2015-02-09 14:34   
fixed in the svn

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