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Summary0000368: Hello,Dark byte 1 More Question? Cheat Engine Dbvm Kernel Detective VMProtect

VMProtect Option Virtualzation tools(VMware/Virtual PC/Sandboxie)

32Bit Process File Packing

1.DBVM Not Run Process File Start(NoPacking Injetor) -> Not Message

2.DBVM Run Process File Start(VMProtect Virual Detect Packing.exe)

Message-> Sorry,this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine

Dbvm 5~8 All Version Dbvm Bootloader Detect? VMProtect Solution

Wondering what methods to detect?

Avast antivirus and seems to have a different error

I do not know how it should be resolved.. T_T

Plz Comment Dark byte

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2015-02-07 05:31   
Can you upload a file that can solve vmdisk.img?

Genius Dark Byte Plz...
Dark Byte   
2015-02-08 03:33   
Have you tried changing the password required to talk to dbvm ?
If you launch dbvm using runtime, the driver64.dat file (last 2 lines) assigns it new passwords

Alternatively, you can rebuild dbvm with different default passwords
2015-02-08 03:44   
(Last edited: 2015-02-08 03:58)
password1: $ 12345678
password2: $ 5128a150

Change the password as above before running Dark Byte comment

But vmprotect the message has not been bypassed

2015-02-08 04:50   
I try to rebuild a different default password dbvm

But still VMPROTECT virtualization does is not to bypass detection

VMProtect rather seems to have a different detection techniques, except for vmm_entry


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