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0000361Cheat Enginepublic2015-01-18 18:422015-01-19 02:19
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Summary0000361: Interface unusably small on high dpi 4k display
DescriptionCE is completely unusable as is due to the interface and text being rendered at an unreadably miniscule size on my laptop's 4k (2160p) 15.6" display. Text does not properly apply OS high-dpi 250% scaling settings.

Hardware affected: Lenovo y50 UHD 4k
Additional InformationI resized a fullscreen screencap to 1080p, as I'm not sure if a 4k screen will properly render reproducing the visual issue on a low-dpi screen.
Attached Filespng ce_1080.png (180,374) 2015-01-18 18:42

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