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0000036Cheat Enginepublic2008-04-15 01:142008-09-08 12:52
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Summary0000036: Auto assembler douesn't work in 5.4
DescriptionI have tried to use the Auto Assembler with Cheat Engine 5.4 with Windows XP and it says when i try to add a template "Unable to add line to Richedit". And when I try to type it says "Unacceptable Character - Only numbers are valid"
Additional InformationIt happened twice to me and then it worked. I haven't seen it on 5.3.
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Dark Byte   
2008-04-15 01:38   
(Last edited: 2008-04-15 01:39)
When it happens try unticking file->syntax highlighting

Also, what language is your windows config set to ?

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