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0000035Cheat Enginepublic2008-03-16 15:352008-05-21 13:32
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Summary0000035: Pointer scanner stuck at "copying memory"
DescriptionI have experienced this issue before on my windows XP machine but after rebooting this issue always solved itself. On XP the pointerscanner got stuck at the "copying memory" status after the 3rd time you used it (per reboot). On my vista machine now it's always stuck - even after rebooting. (And it worked in the 1st place). I tried to reinstall cheat engine but that did not solve it.
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related to 0000029resolved Dark Byte Possible Memory Leak via Pointer Scanner? 
related to 0000028resolved Dark Byte CE 64 bit bug on vista 
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2008-03-16 15:37   
Of course the statusbar also didnt move while it was stuck at "copying memory". When it 1st worked it was quite fast copying over the memory.
Dark Byte   
2008-03-17 19:35   
Copying memory can fail when you're out of memory.
Are you targeting a 64-bit process?

Try the option that says not to free up the copy at the end
2008-05-08 19:51   
Nope i'm on Vista32. I found a "workarround" for it. When it stops working i use the injection method instead...

BTW : when injecting the pscan.dll manually from the Memoryview screen it works perfectly. At least under vista it causes a crash when you try to do it from the address list (when rightclicking on the address)
Dark Byte   
2008-05-21 09:08   
probably related to the memory leak when making the full copy of the game's memory that was never released. One or twice would be enough to completely fill up the memory for a big game. And why it doesn't show up in the injected scanner,since that one doesn't make the copy
Dark Byte   
2008-05-21 13:32   
fixed no error showing and canceling scan when failing to allocate memory

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