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0000327Cheat Enginepublic2014-04-19 21:082014-04-19 21:08
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Summary0000327: Feature request: hint for table entries
DescriptionI would like to have hints for each table entry types (addresses, scripts, headers, whatever can be inserted).

The hint should be editable via the right-click menu.

The hint editor should accept international characters.

The hint text should appear on hover after 1s, and the duration (for the hint
to remain displayed while hovering with the mouse) should be: <number of characters> * 0.1 seconds (or so).
You might want to consider the timers be configurable via the Settings/General settings page. For now, I am happy with hard-coding these values, too.

The hint text should disappear when the mouse no longer hovers over the entry, regardless of the current timer state.

Thank you for considering!
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