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0000032Cheat Enginepublic2008-02-08 03:402008-02-09 17:14
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Summary0000032: Plugins Freeze Cheat Engine (Compiler Issue?)
DescriptionCopied the code from the example plugin and created a new project using Visual Studio 2005. The plugin compiles fine but Cheat Engine fails to load it.

Additional InformationThe first message box in the plugin shows:

        MessageBox(0,"This plugin dll got loaded","C Plugin Example",MB_OK);

Then right after you click ok, Cheat Engine freezes. Tried removing all the code from the plugin to make it completely blank and the same thing still occurs.
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Dark Byte   
2008-02-09 00:22   
Does your dll implement AND export the: GetVersion, InitializePlugin and DisablePlugin functions? (Using normal C exportnames, so not those obfuscated c++ exportnames that have a @ in them with paramcount etc...)

GetVersion is called when adding to the list. Make sure that you have a 0-terminated string for the name etc..

2008-02-09 07:43   
Yes, I'm sure. It is the exact code copy pasted from the example-c project. Just compiled with VS2005.
2008-02-09 10:47   
Ok I have pin-pointed the issue that causes this to happen. You MUST compile as C code when compiling with VS2005. If you compile as C++ code, it will cause CE to freeze when attempting to load the plugin.

To set this option, goto:
Project -> Properties

Then click the + next to Configuration Properties, then click the + next to C/C++.
Then click on Advanced. There will be an option on the right labeled, "Compile As". Select "Compile As C Code (/TC)" and the plugin should load fine.
Dark Byte   
2008-02-09 17:14   
I think using a proper .def file should fix it as well. But yes, compiling as C is a solution as well

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