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Summary0000308: CE 6.3 - CE spins up unused HDD on scan (and CE hangs in the meantime)
DescriptionI'll start with my disk layout:
C - System drive, 256GB SSD. Stores the OS itself (W7x64), the paging file and small apps (browser, office, utils, etc., including Cheat Engine in the Program Files dir) and user profiles (My Documents, etc. including 'My Cheat Tables'.
D - 'Apps' drive, 256GB SSD. Stores large apps - mostly games.
E/F - Backup drive, 2TB HDD, split to two 1TB partitions (E and F). Mostly empty, stores general rubbish that I don't need most of the time.

When I play games, the HDD stops spinning to save power - just as it should - because I use only drive 'C' and 'D'.

However, when I do a scan with CE (say, a 4-byte int), the HDD spins up.
CE is supposed to store its temp files in the Windows temp dir (the don't use Windows temp dir is unchecked), and IMHO, all files CE would need/use are on drive C. So, I am not sure why CE would need to access drives E or F.

One thing I noticed is that if the drive is stopped, CE hangs at the end of the scan. By 'hang' I mean that the windows go blank and such (as if it was a zombie app about to crash), but once the HDD is in full spin (I guess CE read what it was looking for), it goes back to normal.

Problem is, sometimes it causes a debugger crash - probably because the thread being debugged hands as well.

Why would CE want to access an irrelevant drive on a value scan?

Sometimes I same my pointer scans to the 'E' drive - when size does matter. I noticed that CE stores the last used file location. Could this be culprit? Why would CE need access to that when I am not doing a pointer scan?

I am guessing it's a problem specific to me with so many drives, so if there's anything I can help with to track this down, please do let me know.

Thank you!
Additional InformationIt's been bugging me for quite a while now, so this problem is not new. I can't name the first build where it happened as the two SSD setup is fairly new (8 months).
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 "being debugged hands as well" -> hangs
 "Sometimes I same my pointer scans" -> save
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Try "Process Monitor", use default filters (click reset) and add this new one:
processname, contains, cheatengine, include

1) Now, launch CE, attach to something,
2) wait for HDD to stop spinning
3) in "Process Monitor" click "clear"
4) do first scan, wait for HDD to start full spin
5) press ctrl+e, so "Process Monitor" will stop capture job
6) click "highlight" icon, and use this: operation, contains, file

For me, CE opens and writes files inside chosen directory and of course reads this file C:\Windows\System32\kernel32.dll

You can also use those filters (click reset then add those):
path, contains, e:\, include
path, contains, f:\, include

that way, you'll figure out which application exactly accesses your third drive (HDD)

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