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0000307Cheat Enginepublic2013-11-24 08:452013-11-24 20:08
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Summary0000307: CE 6.3 - Break and trace window opens on cancel
DescriptionSelect an instruction in the memory view and right-click.
Select "Break and trace instructions" from the pop-up menu.
On the appearing dialogbox, click the 'Cancel' button.
The Break and trace window opens (whereas it should not as I clicked Cancel).

Thanks for fixing.
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Dark Byte   
2013-11-24 12:47   
It's designed that way so you can load a saved trace
2013-11-24 20:08   
Hmmm. I see. Wouldn't that be better handled via the menu? (Memory Viewer->Tools)
I don't 'misclick' very often, but it does happen sometimes.

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