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0000305Cheat Enginepublic2013-11-20 23:102014-02-13 04:01
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Summary0000305: CE 6.3 - Trace does not trace into calls
DescriptionThese are examples of calls within the executable module itself (not kernel32.dll or any excluded module):
 - call XComEW.PIBGetInterface+1DA460
 - call edx
 - etc.

For some reason, CE does not trace into them - just as if the "Step over instead of single step" was checked. Except, it's not checked.

Issue 0000293 (new feature) and 0000302 (bug) may be related.
Additional Informationpure rev.2229_32&64bit.7z
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duplicate of 0000302resolved Dark Byte CE 6.3 - Trace does not include the first instruction on break 
Attached Filespng CE_CallSamples.png (45,308) 2013-11-21 17:54

Dark Byte   
2013-11-21 10:29   
Is there a (conditional) jump in front of there? (Could be the jump is taken, but the instruction after it is disassembled instead)
2013-11-21 17:54   
No, there's no jump before these.
I uploaded a sample pic.
Dark Byte   
2013-11-21 22:49   
Ah ok. It's the same thing. The instruction after it is disassembled instead of the actual one
What you highlighted is actually push esi. The call is the next instruction
(E.g. note that int3 after the ret, that int3 is the ret)
2013-11-22 00:36   
Are you saying that trace actually breaks into these calls but does not display them?
Dark Byte   
2013-11-22 00:46   
(Last edited: 2013-11-22 00:48)
It does display them. Just click on the + sign before "inc [esi+18]" which is in fact "call edx"

same for "add esp,60" which is actually "call 01ee65b8"

(it's a bug yes, but just pointing out where the bug is, the disassembler address)

2013-11-22 02:28   
Me blind, lol
Got it, thanks.
Dark Byte   
2014-02-13 04:01   
fixed in the svn (a while ago)
same bug as 302

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