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Summary0000302: CE 6.3 - Trace does not include the first instruction on break
DescriptionI set a "break and trace", at address 'X'.
I set the break condition for EBX == 0xE5 for the trace.
It trace triggers just fine at 'X' with the right condition, but it seems that the first instruction (at 'X') is missing from the trace as a whole.


conditional jump to instr. below
mov eax,[edi+3C] <= Break & trace here if EBX == 0xE5
mov eax,[eax+ebx*4] <= This is the first instruction in the trace.
mov [esp+10],eax

It's important that the first instruction is captured because sometimes the original register contents are destroyed (mov eax,[eax+n], etc.).

Thank you for fixing.
Additional InformationThis is the x64 from "pure rev.2229_32&64bit.7z" that was just posted in the unofficial build thread.

I did not try quite a few unofficial builds, but it was surely working in "Frankenstein_Base_1975_upto_2180_.7z" - not sure what has been changed since.
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has duplicate 0000305resolved Dark Byte CE 6.3 - Trace does not trace into calls 
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I'd seem that the instruction's data is captured, but there's no entry created for it in the tree - and hence all instructions are shifted by 1 (vs. the registers states and jump index).

mov eax,[edi+40] => first instruction (not added on break)
cmp ebx,eax => first instruction in trace, showing the state from mov eax,[edi+40] (and double-clicking this instruction in the trace jumps to mov eax,[edi+40] in the code).

Edit: now it's two instructions away. One of those things that make you go "Hmmm..."

Dark Byte   
2014-02-13 04:01   
fixed in the svn (a while ago)

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