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Summary0000299: CE 6.3 - Order of editboxes for pointer rescan dialog's 'End address'
DescriptionIn the pointer re-scan dialog, when you tick 'must end with offsets', an editbox appears. I enter an offset and rescan the results.
I press CTRL+R to rescan again and click the 'Add' button to add more offsets.
The new editbox appears at the bottom, and the previously present offsets remain it place. This means, that in order to enter a new offset before the existing list, I have to copy each and every offset manually one box below.
I attached a screenshot to illustrate what happens after I click 'Add' button.

There are three solutions that I can think off the top of my head:
 - editboxes to appear in reverse order (i.e. first editbox contains last offset), so the newly appearing editbox is ok at the end as that's the right spot for the 'previous' offset,
 - new editbox appears at the top, and when it does, CE updates the 'Top' and 'Left' coordinates of all existing editboxes so they move down, making space for the editbox appearing on top,
 - new editbox appears at the bottom, but when it does, CE copies all offsets one box down automatically.
And, of course, the 'Remove' button would need to do the opposite.

Each of these options have their own ups and downs, I'm sure you'll weigh them make a good choice - maybe even come up with a better solution.

Thank you for considering.
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Forgot: The pointer scan dialog does this with reverse-ordered editboxes; you might want to adopt that same solution on the rescan dialog for the sake of consistency.

2013-11-20 15:24   
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about "reverse-ordered editboxes", I was thinking about adding additional label(s) which will move always next to corresponding editbox (L next to last offset, F next to first offset).

MSPaint example:


2013-11-20 20:14   
(Last edited: 2013-11-20 22:28)
About "must end editboxes" inside rescan window, we can change this line:


and small modification at line 481 (delete element at zero)

Maybe DB will apply this patch for rescan window:
It changes "must end" editbox creation and changes position of "must end" add(remove) button.
Editbox order is still the same as original CE6.3, so it will not mislead new users.

Plus, this patch adds two labels when needed:
- "First offset" so you will know which editbox is first ("must start")
- "Last offset" so you will know which editbox is last ("must end")


2013-11-20 22:52   
That Demo GIF is great; that'd be great; thanks!
Dark Byte   
2014-02-13 07:12   

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