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0000296Cheat Enginepublic2013-10-27 03:232013-10-27 17:52
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Summary0000296: CE 6.3 (Frankenstein_Base_1975_upto_2180) - Row size lock is not preserved
DescriptionIt'd appear that the row size lock is not saved (or not restored) correctly.
Open the Memory view, and resize its width (to force a change in the row size).
Right-click in the memory window and select 'Lock current rowsize'.
Now close the window, exit CE, start CE again and open the memory view window.
Observe that both the number of columns and the lock toggle are not preserved.
Thank you for fixing.
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2013-10-27 12:05   
It worked before? (CE6.1, CE6.2)

2013-10-27 17:52   
I at least don't remember.

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