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0000294Cheat Enginepublic2013-10-26 07:442013-10-27 02:39
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Summary0000294: Break and trace
DescriptionWhen I right-click address in the table, I can select "Find out what accesses this address" and "Find out what writes this address".
I would like to have two variants of this that combine break and trace with this. I.e., there would be two more entries: "Break and trace on first access" and "Break and trace on first write" - or something like that anyway, I hope you get the idea.
I am dealing with a variable right now that's updated only once, at the end of the level and then it's relocated elsewhere. It would be great to see the trace right away, without having to complete the level all over again.
Thank you for considering!
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Dark Byte   
2013-10-26 11:44   
Go to memory view , select the bytes that make up the value and rightclick. Then go to data breakpoint and pick break and trace on write/access
2013-10-27 02:11   
So the functionality is already there? That's great!
Never thought about looking for it there; thanks!

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