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0000293Cheat Enginepublic2013-10-25 19:392013-10-26 00:55
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Summary0000293: Never-debug list
DescriptionI'd like to request adding a second list of module names (much along the lines of commonmodulelist.txt).
The purpose of this list would however be different from commonmodulelist.txt: CE would never debug (trace in particular) into these modules.

Quite often, when I run a trace (and do not use "step over instead of single step"), the trace ends up in modules like kernel32 (for example, a call to kernel32.WaitForSingleObjectEx) at which point the game crashes. This new list would prevent stepping into the kernel32 module, hence preventing the crash and allowing the trace to finish.

Thank you for considering.
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2013-10-25 19:40   
If possible, the list should be loaded when the trace/find out what accesses/etc is enabled so it could be changed on-the-fly, without having to restart CE.
Dark Byte   
2013-10-25 20:01   
you can do this yourself, just set as stop condition: EIP>0x70000000
2013-10-25 22:37   
(Last edited: 2013-10-25 22:39)
Problem is, I don't want it to stop, I just don't want to step into these modules - rather, step over them.
Besides, I don't want to have to look up all module addresses manually and set a break every time for all those addresses.

Dark Byte   
2013-10-26 00:55   
there is now a "donottrace.txt" you can fill in modulenames

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