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Summary0000278: CE6.3 - Changing multiple entries in data dissect window
DescriptionCurrently, I can select a number of entries in the data dissect window, hit CTRL+Enter and change type, description, background colour, etc.

There are times however, when I'd want to change only type, description or background colour - without changing anything the other things.

To some extent (description and type), this is already possible in the address list (CTRL+Enter, ALT+Enter or right-click menu).

I'd like to have something similar in the data dissect window, however the selection is dropped on right-click (for good reasons).
Hotkeys maybe? SHIFT+Enter and ALT+Enter are unused - could these be used for description and background colour?

Thank you for considering!
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Dark Byte   
2013-11-13 00:30   
fixed in the svn

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