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0000264Cheat Enginepublic2013-07-17 10:022013-10-25 13:54
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Summary0000264: Address List Tweaks
DescriptionI have some suggestions to make the address list and the exported lists more useful:

1. Save the values and toggle state to the .CT file. This is especially good if the value you need is an obscure 4-byte number.

2. Add a possibility to create multi-level expandable lists (like if you have an RPG, for example you could have a group of codes that could all be toggled with one box or you could expand the tree and choose individual codes)

3. Add the ability to have a drop-down list of possible values and descriptions for an address (using the RPG example you could have the weapons address and use a drop-down list to show which values are valid and tell which weapon they are)
Additional InformationThis will make CE an infinitely more useful tool.
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Dark Byte   
2013-07-17 11:19   
I'l look into it.

about 2, isn't that what the groups do now?
Attach some entries to another entry or header, and set it's group option to activating this entry activates children.
And if a child has a header as well, you can give that the same option or not
2013-07-17 13:40   
(Last edited: 2013-07-17 13:53)
Where is there a "group" option? It isn't in the right click or any of the menus. If you're talking about "Headers" That's not what I'm talking about. I want groups that could be expanded and collapsed like the tree in a file browser. I think there is the "treeview" class you can use with the .net framework, but I'm not a developer.

Dark Byte   
2013-07-17 13:47   
You can drag other addresses onto it so they become a child of that entry(just drag/drop), and with the group settings you can change the behaviour when the head of the group is checked/changed

2013-07-17 13:58   
Firstly, that's 50% of what I'd like to see, but the groups cannot be collapsed and the can't be toggled together, you still need to toggle each one individually. This just makes the address list longer by the number of groups and the same functionality could be duplicated by just renaming and sorting.
Dark Byte   
2013-07-17 14:01   
When an entry has children it gets a new context menu at the bottom "Group config"

If you enable 'Hide children when deactivated" it will act like a normal tree that you can collapse/expand (assuming the entry can be checked, so if a faulty AA script is checked, it won't expand)
2013-07-17 14:08   
(Last edited: 2013-07-17 14:10)
That looks good, but there's no way to know that it's a group when it's collapsed unless I keep the name as "Group..." Could a plus sign be added after the toggle box?

I want to use this to distribute CT lists to other people and I don't want to get hundreds of emails about things missing and so on.

So, would it be possible to differentiate groups in some way and also to have the toggle box for the group have 3 states for all children selected, some children selected and no children selected.

Dark Byte   
2013-10-25 13:54   
1: Implemented in the svn (The data is now stored in the ct, but never loaded by ce itself though)
2: Implemented in the svn (+/- sign in front of active)
3: Implemented in the svn

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