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0000240Cheat Enginepublic2013-04-20 19:512013-04-21 20:42
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Summary0000240: Lua file. "This is not a valid cheat table (buffer error)"
DescriptionIf we add checked.bmp and save table, we can not load this ct/cetrainer file later.

CE gives this error message:
"This is not a valid cheat table (buffer error)"

It happens with:
- original CE6.2
- CE from Nov2012, Jan2013 and from newest revision (r.1762)
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Attached Files? checked.bmp (1,078) 2013-04-20 19:51

patch luafile.pas.patch (634) 2013-04-21 03:52
patch fixLuaFile_V2.patch (3,252) 2013-04-21 16:27
? luafile.pas (4,654) 2013-04-21 16:27

2013-04-20 20:00   
(Last edited: 2013-04-20 20:03)
Looks like Tcompressionstream or Tdecompressionstream problem.

Not related with Ascii85, because it happens when using original CE6.2 too.

2013-04-21 03:53   
OK, I've made dirty patch. See at attached files...
2013-04-21 16:27   
I attached patch version 2.

It patches:
- OpenSave.pas
I used existing variable, "version", and I pass it to createFromXML function. TLuafile.createFromXML(filenode, version);

- luafile.pas

saveToXML function now adds uncompressed stream size (WriteDWord):
c:=Tcompressionstream.create(clmax, m, true);
c.write(filedata.Memory^, filedata.size);;

createFromXML function has two parameters now: filenode and version

if version >= 15 it reads compressed stream like this
freemem(b); getmem(b, size);^, size);
filedata.WriteBuffer(b^, read);

otherwise, it will use old method:^, maxsize); //reuse the b buffer
filedata.WriteBuffer(b^, read);

But if "buffer error" exception occurs, it retry again with 1 byte buffer^, 1);
filedata.WriteBuffer(b^, read);

and ignores "buffer error" exception. From my short research, filedata will contain right data anyway.

I will attach luafile.pas as well (for better readability).
Dark Byte   
2013-04-21 20:42   
Fixed in the svn. It's now part of the base85 update which has a complete overhaul anyhow.
Also, no real need to add support for previous versions. The "compatible" solution to load old tables that are broken because of this is to bug out the same way

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