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0000002Cheat Enginepublic2007-06-26 14:032007-12-15 02:03
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Summary0000002: Memory view - ImageBase
DescriptionThe starting address of the Memory View and the hex editor seems to be hardcoded at 00400000.
I think it would be better if Cheat Engine would read the ImageBase, BaseOfCode and BaseOfData from the PE header of the target process and set the starting address of memory view to ImageBase+BaseOfCode and the starting address of the hex editor to ImageBase+BaseOfData.
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Dark Byte   
2007-06-26 14:29   
(Last edited: 2007-06-26 17:36)
decent idea
shouldn't be too hard to implement and fits with the pe header lookup info planned

Dark Byte   
2007-12-15 02:03   
when ce now opens a process for the firsttime i'll set the disassembler to baseofcode and the hexview to baseofdata

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