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0000019Cheat Enginepublic2008-01-02 01:352008-01-02 19:15
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Summary0000019: Invisible Scan Results ( CE: 5.4 )
DescriptionThe scan results will get invisible after using Value type: All(Byte to Double)
Additional Information1: Scan for a value with Value type set to All(Byte to Double) and press First Scan.

2: Click on New Scan.

3: Change the Value type to 4 Bytes.

4: Press First Scan.

5: It will say it found some addresses ( example: Found: 32 ) but it doesn't get displayed in the found addresses list at all.
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Dark Byte   
2008-01-02 08:33   
I managed to reproduce it.
It's late right now so i'll look at it tomorrow.
Current guess as to cause of bug: no idea...
Dark Byte   
2008-01-02 19:15   
Problem was caused by not setting the foundlist vartype on a new scan
fixed will be uploaded to the site as replacement of CE5.4 together with a few other small bugfixes (check the forum for when I do that)

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