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0000012Cheat Enginepublic2007-09-15 14:122007-09-19 07:28
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Summary0000012: "Copying memory" on pointer scanner
DescriptionI found it annoying that the default pointer scanner always has to copy memory between 2 consecutive searches. Say I want to find a pointer, sure - let it copy the memory and scan withing the copied data. But if I find no results for level 1, and want to scan for a level 2 pointer, why does it have to copy the memory again? It's annoying for people with low amount of RAM :( Like me...

Hope there is something to be done about it?! Thanks in advance!
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Dark Byte   
2007-09-15 18:32   
The 2nd scan actually does free the old memory before starting the new one, but I guess if memory fragmentation happens the 2nd one probably wouldn't be able to allocate 1.5GB again

I guess I could add a checkbox to 'reuse' a buffer if you like, but keep in mind that all pointers may not have changed since the first scan.

e.g during scan the game got closed, that doesn't matter to the scan since the copy it uses, and you now restarted it and are now looking for a pointer to a new address. The copy still only contains all addresses of before the game was restarted, so that address you're scanning may then not even exist.
But if you're sure, I can add a checkbox you can tick when scanning
2007-09-16 23:08   
Please do so and thank you. Am aware of all the consequences it involves, and won't ask dumb, retarded questions such as "why does that happen?" :) Thanks for the clarification...

P.S.: Am using same memory, only to scan higher leveled pointers (e.g.: didn't find any on level 1 scan, and want to scan for level 2 pointers - same memory, game didn't close, just another scan...)
Dark Byte   
2007-09-19 07:28   
it now contains a option to reuse the copy.
Also, fixed a bug where at the end of the scan, it didn't free the memory. (used to only free it on a new scan)

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