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0000107Cheat Enginepublic2009-02-21 14:582009-02-24 15:46
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Summary0000107: Base pointer error
DescriptionThe problem occurs when i use the 'Try to find base pointer' option, as soon as i use the option to find a base pointer at any game or program a message pops up "Error while scanning:" and the scan closes.
Additional InformationI'm not sure if the screenshot will help but the message always shows on the same moment.
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Dark Byte   
2009-02-21 21:32   
You're right. The new scan routines has mode this obsolete inocompatible

2 solutions:
1: try ce 5.3
2: find the actual pointer, then you don't need this option.
This routine is only semi-usefull when you find out the original pointer was wrong. But you can already know that beforehand because the address isn't green in the addresslist.

anyhow, to find it manually:
do a hexadecimal scan for addresstofind-offset1
then do a hexscan for the found address-offset2
repeat that till all the offste shave been done

Perhaps you get multiple paths, but that can't be helped
2009-02-22 11:53   
I tried on 5.4 as well and it works there but none of my tables are compatible anymore...
Dark Byte   
2009-02-23 01:13   
hmm, weird. Anyhow:
If you make sure your tables don't contain any structure information you can make it compatible by doing the following:
In the processlist click on "Open file"
click add address manually and add address "b"
change the 8 to 7
and reopen ce
the table can now be loaded
2009-02-24 15:38   
well, i tried to use it with 5.4 and 5.3but they have the tendency to crash the program as soon as i attach the debugger so i can't even get a starting pointer.
2009-02-24 15:46   
I found something that might help: when hyperscan is enabled the error message won't pop up but the scan just opens and closes instantly.

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