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Summary0000105: Save dissected data
DescriptionHi there,
I can export the dissected data structure.
I would like to have the option to export the values, too - either into the same file along with the structure, or, as a separate file, the values only.
Basically, I need a way to quickly compare different states of the same structures at the same addresses (I have rather long structure and 10 or so addresses here and I can't spot which byte have been changed after the game has been running for a few secs).
The values do not need to be in any fancy format: tab-delimited plain text will do because I will compare the two exported text files using a diff tool to quickly spot the changes.
Thank you for considering.
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Dark Byte   
2009-02-09 01:02   
address values aren't even stored in memory at the moment (just displayed and compared to other addresses)
I guess I could add it to the save option so it fetches them on save.

I could of course also add an option called "Watch for changes" which will then mark all addresses red (or another color) that change until that option is disabled.
2009-02-11 20:13   
The beauty of the first solution is that you need not to worry about the values - just read them the moment when they are saved - no comparison needed. Plus, I would know exactly when the tables have been captured.

I could settle for this second option, too, however, it means that you need to store the values and compare them every now and then, which might introduce a performance hit when you work with large tables (10 columns/100 values in each). This is just a lame guess though.
Also, the red colour is not a good idea, because they are already red (because the values in the columns are different).

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