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Summary0000103: CE 5.5 Memory dissect - pointer type change does not take effect
DescriptionHi there,
open up the memory dissect window.
Add some dummy addresses, let' say 3*INT32.
Now, double-click on the leftmost column for one of those INT32s (as if you wanted to change its type).
Tick the "pointer to:" checkbox and click ok.
Now, a little plus sign appears in front of the line.
Click this little plus to expand the pointer. Now you can see the address where the pointer is pointing.
Close it back (or not) using the little plus sign again, and double-click on the leftmost column again (as if you wanted to change its type again).
Now, change the type of the pointed address to something else, let's say "String" and click ok.
If you did leave it expanded, expand the pointer again using the little plus sign in front of the line.
You should see the bug now: the pointer still seems to point to an INT32 (instead of a string).
I hope I was clear enough to describe this problem, please ask if I was not.
Thanks for fixing.
Additional InformationThere is another bug here, though it's not that bad (takes a few extra clicks to work around it).
Double-click a pointer in the leftmost column (or, click on the plus sign the expand it, and then right-click and select "Change element"). The important thing is that the pointer is expanded when you bring up the dialog to change the element. Now, un-check the "pointer to:" checkbox and click ok.
The pointer will remain expanded even though it's not a pointer anymore.

Plus one more bug:
The caption of the change element and the add element dialogs are the same: "Add element". Might be confusing for some users.
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Dark Byte   
2009-02-09 00:20   
Try switching to another structure view and then back again. With some luck it'll then refresh completly (so the old expanded item is gone too)

I'll try to fix it
2009-02-09 00:24   
It works then (that's another workaround).

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