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0000101Cheat Enginepublic2009-02-06 11:112009-02-09 07:59
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Summary0000101: Link "frozen" values
DescriptionOne nice feature IMHO, would be to have some kind of link between values, that would froze one address value to another one. Let me make it clearer with an example:
Vivi's HP 01D3B34C 2 Bytes 291 <-+
Vivi's HP max 01D3B354 2 Bytes 291 --+

What I'd like would be able to link "Vivi's HP" to "Vivi's HP max" so that "Vivi's HP" is frozen to the value of "Vivi's HP max".

I hope I made myself clear enough.


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2009-02-06 21:17   
You mean "freeze this address using value from address xxxxxxxx"?
Dark Byte   
2009-02-07 10:01   
I'll look into it.
For now, just freeze with allow positive, so if your max hp increases, the current hp does to

(Or try a aa script)
2009-02-09 07:59   
Yes Csimbi, I meant that.

BTW Dark Byte, just freeze with allow positive changes (which is what I currently use), doesn't work, as only max HP get incremented on level up. You have to "heal" to increase current HP on level up ;)

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