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0000100Cheat Enginepublic2009-02-05 12:422009-02-06 21:30
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Summary0000100: CE 5.5 Data/struct dissect window "funny scrolling"
DescriptionHi there,
there is something "funny" going to with the horizontal scrolling of the data/struct dissect window.
When I scroll the horizontal bar, the row labels on the left are moving, but the columns with the values stay in place.
Additional InformationIt's a big hard to explain, so it might be better to try it yourself; you might not even notice this when you have only one address or two. So, add at least 5 addresses (so that there is at least one that does not fit into the window). Then, scroll the horizontal bar; you should see what I mean.
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Dark Byte   
2009-02-05 22:15   
Actually, adding more addresses won't show up the scrollbar if it goes out of range.

anyhow, the bug here is that you see the horizontal scrollbar at all, it's not designed to have a horizontal scrollbar
2009-02-06 21:30   
>it's not designed to have a horizontal scrollbar
That explains why it does not work as I expected.

If you want to remove the scrollbar, that's ok.
But, it could be useful when you have a lot of addresses and you need to scroll sideways ;-)

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