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  PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 0000542    (No Category)crashnew2018-11-01Unable to use "Unknown initial value" search with "All" value type.
 0000541    (No Category)crashresolved (Dark Byte)2018-04-29Loading DBK64 twice causes BSOD on Windows 10
 00005401   (No Category)majorresolved (Dark Byte)2018-04-29Allow increase/decrease on 8-byte values only considers 4 bytes
 0000539 1 (No Category)majornew2017-08-03неправильно читает указатель
 0000538 1 (No Category)minornew2017-07-02Scan error:thread 1:Stream read error
 0000537 1 (No Category)minornew2017-06-26Not customizable font in cpu registers window
 0000536    (No Category)minornew2017-06-26CE 6.7 does not remember Memory Viewer layout
 000053512 crashnew2017-06-24Minimized "Extra info" window crashes Cheat Engine
 000053431 (No Category)tweaknew2017-05-16"Pointerscanner scanoptions" window should have ranges rather than fixed values
 00005191   (No Category)minornew2017-04-10CE 6.6 'change address' dialog size on long values
 0000518    (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2017-04-10CE 6.6 array of bytes length overflow
 000052511 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2017-04-10"Count" column too skinny
 0000533 1 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2017-04-10Duplicated headers and comments in Memory View
 0000521    (No Category)trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2017-04-06FPU dialogue size
 00005131   (No Category)tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2017-04-06modal windows are broken since version 6.6
 0000514    (No Category)tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2017-04-06Default monoscape font is unreadable on some monitors
  0000526    (No Category)featurenew2017-02-14Able to always see opcode address access count if selected once
 000052713 (No Category)minorconfirmed (Dark Byte)2017-01-28High DPI issues
 00005282   (No Category)minorassigned (Dark Byte)2017-01-26High Contrast problems
 000052911 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2017-01-26Improper saving of the table, using the Russian language program
 0000524    (No Category)featurenew2016-12-20Allow Custom Type to display string Value
 0000520    (No Category)crashnew2016-12-13PC Windows 7 x64
 00005032   (No Category)majorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-12-10Mono Dissector Static Field Offsets Incorrect When Adding To Address List
 00005172   (No Category)minornew2016-11-22CE 6.6 return carriages still sometimes incorrectly inserted into strings
 0000515    (No Category)tweaknew2016-10-23"Show all windows in the taskbar" option is broken
 00005122   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-10-10Using `align` directive in a table AA script prevents it from getting "Active" checkbox [v6.6]
 00005112   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-10-06Cheat Engine silently fails to activate AA script [v6.5.1]
 00005101   (No Category)tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2016-09-29Cheat Engine doesn't remember "Enumerate DLL's" window position [v6.5.1]
 00005081   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-09-29Multiple Auto Assembler errors when encoding CMPXCHG [v6.5.1]
 000050611 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-09-29List of datatypes for "Scan for addresses with value" becomes empty
 000050711 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-09-29Some bugs in "Structure dissect"
 0000509    (No Category)tweaknew2016-09-28Structure dissect doesn't recalculate pointer-based addresses after Open Process [v6.5.1]
 00005052   (No Category)crashnew2016-09-18Сrash when you filter the exact value
 0000504    (No Category)minornew2016-09-02Flashing Process Border with Automatically Opened Program
 0000502    (No Category)featurenew2016-08-21[Feature Request] Optional Alternate GUI Display
 0000501    (No Category)featurenew2016-08-17Searching for common pointer path
 0000500    (No Category)tweaknew2016-08-17Pointer scan SQLite export offsets in wrong order (last offset = first offset)
 0000499    (No Category)minornew2016-08-13Scan match list "change value of selected addresses" - only changes one value
 00004981   (No Category)featurenew2016-08-10[Feature Request] Big Endian Support For Pointers
 00004971   (No Category)majornew2016-08-08error with scan array
 000049511 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-08-08"Fing out what read/write address" displayed wrong instruction with string operation
 00004961   (No Category)featureresolved (Dark Byte)2016-08-08"Pause the game while scanning" to Edit-Settings
 00004273   (No Category)featureresolved (Dark Byte)2016-07-27Feature request: New scan type
 00004941   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-07-21wrong assembly of IMUL
 0000493    (No Category)featurenew2016-07-09[Feature request] Save option "Ultimap Datas"
 0000492    (No Category)blocknew2016-07-07scan error when trying to scan.
 0000491    (No Category)featurenew2016-06-28Feature Request - Save Memory Scan Ranges
 00004901   (No Category)featureresolved (Dark Byte)2016-06-27[Feature request] Save option "Lock current row size"
 0000466    (No Category)majornew2016-05-24Custom Type bytecount "Value" display limited to 4
 00004651   (No Category)textnew2016-05-11"DLL injection failed", but why?
 000046411 (No Category)featurenew2016-04-21Access Violation when saving Table
 000046213 (No Category)minornew2016-03-24Break and trace in ntdll.dll does not trace correctly
 0000461 1 (No Category)minornew2016-03-16darkbyte driver object information add view suggestion
 0000460    (No Category)minornew2016-03-12Access Violation - multi monitor config
 000045912 (No Category)minornew2016-03-12darkbyte autoassembler drivername symbol add suggestion & kernel Memory Search
 000045821 (No Category)minornew2016-03-04hi db obregistercallbacks xenos injection code add possible?
 000043421 (No Category)blockresolved (Dark Byte)2016-02-23TTreeNodes.GetNodeFromIndex: Consistency error - count too big
 00003177   trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2016-02-22window spawns out of screen
 00004332   (No Category)minornew2016-02-16hi darkbyte network process target open debug & search possible?
 00004321   (No Category)minornew2016-02-11forcedinjection plugin can not be used in CE6.5
 00004311   (No Category)trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2016-02-09Wrong disassembly of mov r14l, 01
  0000430    (No Category)minornew2016-01-29darkbyte kernel debugging call function f8 trace bug?
 00004281   (No Category)minornew2016-01-07What is the CE contributing process?
 00004261   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-01-06Multi-monitor environment regression
 0000429    (No Category)featurenew2016-01-05Create a way to the value as hexadecimal
 00004251   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-01-03Access violation on Fast Scan with Tabs
 00004241   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-29Add to address list is not considered a change
 000042321 (No Category)textresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-26Font does not scale properly for 4k retina display
 000042021 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-21Hex dump only copies 1 byte
 000041919   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-21Pointer size increments by 4 on 64 bit
 000042221 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-21x64 auto assembler offset too big error
 000042111 (No Category)crashresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-20cheat engine auto assembler syscall create error
 00003921   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-20Don't create empty "My Cheat Tables" folder in Documents
 0000413103 (No Category)minornew2015-11-19dark byte OpenProcess Fake Code impossible?
 0000416    (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-19Window doesn't attach to changed desktop-resolution
 00004151   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-19If the address is shown as hexadecimal, hotkeys for decreasing the value of the address won't work.
 00004121   (No Category)minornew2015-10-11dark byte vm detect bypass ok but kernel debug process dead bug or rdtsc time check detect
 00004101   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-10-06"Recalculate new addresses" has Offset Limit
 000041121 (No Category)minornew2015-10-05darkbyte manually dbvm load bsod crash!
 000040921 (No Category)minornew2015-10-01DarkByte VMPROTECT DBVM Detect VM EXIT?
 000040872 (No Category)minornew2015-09-22dark byte x64 patchguard disable mode IDT debug hook possible?
 00004062   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-09-17Dereferencing 64-bit pointers in memory viewer and auto assembler fails
  000040511 (No Category)featurenew2015-09-04darkbyte kernelmemory address break point impossible?
 0000399185 (No Category)minornew2015-08-28darkbyte one more question?
 00004031   (No Category)minornew2015-08-23Lack of disk space and search
 00004021   (No Category)majoracknowledged (Dark Byte)2015-08-22"ALL" search doesn't work in the latest SVN build,
 0000401    (No Category)crashacknowledged (Dark Byte)2015-08-21Cheat Engine Mono Feature doesn't work correctly with latest Unity Games.
 000040041 (No Category)minornew2015-08-12writes Ignore WriteProtection bug or option?
 00003961   (No Category)majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-07-13no good way to see "conditional complex breakpoint" errors
 00003971   (No Category)majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-07-12Pointer scanner - repeat rescan memory leak
 0000391112 (No Category)minornew2015-06-20my testing some hexview stuff language
 000036972 (No Category)blockassigned (Dark Byte)2015-06-11error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported.
 0000393 1 (No Category)minornew2015-05-14ce6.4Injection to trim assembly
 00003284   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-30Lua tonumber() function not returning negative numbers in some cases
 000032911 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29dark byte Memory View WideChar view?
 00003321   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29CE 6.3 - allow storing data using wildcards
 00003471   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29Dealing with "other" whitespace characters in AutoAssembly script.
 00003094   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29FPU instructions in 64bit mode
 00003381   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29Feature request: Custom set of types to scan
 00003879   (No Category)blocknew2015-04-07Dark Byte OP(Openprocess Detection Bypass? IDEA?)
 0000389    (No Category)minornew2015-04-025.0 vs 5
 0000388    (No Category)trivialconfirmed (Dark Byte)2015-03-29will only replace 1 instruction at a time with NOP(s)
 00003863   (No Category)crashnew2015-03-23Dark Byte Cheat engine X64 kernel Memory Edit Kernel32.dll API ALL PROCESS FIX
 00003851   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-03-19CE 6.4 Inconsistent math on hotkey in-/decreases on hex values
 0000383    (No Category)minornew2015-03-12Vaule not staying them same
 0000382    (No Category)majornew2015-03-11Not scaning
 00003811   (No Category)minornew2015-03-10Need help not getting anything in scan
  000038011 (No Category)crashnew2015-03-09Dark Byte One suggestion?
 0000379    (No Category)minornew2015-03-04Tutorial crash on code injection/disassembler edit/replacing with NOP
 00003763   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-03-01x64 cheat engine fails to allocate 9GB ram
 0000378 1 (No Category)minornew2015-03-01[ceserver] CE client frequently unresponsive in Windows after connecting.
 00003771   (No Category)featurenew2015-02-28use thread injection to scan for memory?
 000037521 (No Category)majornew2015-02-28unable to scan for single bit
  0000374185 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-02-23Dark Byte Cheat engine X64 kernel Memory Edit Impossible?
 000037351 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-02-17Ansi String & Unicode Change And Input String Data 0D 0A bug?
 0000372101 (No Category)crashresolved (Dark Byte)2015-02-10DarkByte Cheat engine Dbvm bsod crash bug?
 000037141 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-02-09[rev2901 Compile] disassembly out put Holding a 64-bit process seems to be a 32-bit process
  00003684   (No Category)crashnew2015-02-08Hello,Dark byte 1 More Question? Cheat Engine Dbvm Kernel Detective VMProtect
 0000367    minorconfirmed (Dark Byte)2015-02-08.net: fieldnames of superclasses in different assemblies are wrong
 0000370    (No Category)majornew2015-02-07Speedhack is stuck on in Euro Truck Simulator 2
 00003621   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-01-190F 50 D1 is disassembled incorrectly
 0000361 1 majorconfirmed2015-01-19Interface unusably small on high dpi 4k display
 000035622 majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-01-07Cheat Engine Query Memory Region Routines Error?
 0000357    textnew2014-12-21Add support of the Ukrainian language.
 00003407   crashacknowledged2014-12-10cheat engine 6.4 dbvm kernel debug process crash bug fix plz
 00003523   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-11-16debug_getBreakpointList and IsDebugging
 000034511 blockresolved (Dark Byte)2014-11-03CE 6.4 Pointer scan sort throws ioob error
 000034461 blockresolved (Dark Byte)2014-10-21CE 6.4 Pointer scan yields incorrect pointers
 000034911 textresolved (Dark Byte)2014-10-21CE 6.4 displays wrong comment
 00003462   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-10-12CE 6.4 Pointer scan does not compress pointer file when first scan was uncompressed
 00003432   crashacknowledged2014-09-13Android ceserver/cheatengine "All debug registers are currently used " and Freeze
 00003422   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-09-06In Lua, getAddress/inModule can return errors that pcall() cannot catch
 0000339    featurenew2014-07-10Feature request: Compact UI
 0000336    minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-06-16aob injection and full injection, CE freeze
 0000335 1 featureresolved (Dark Byte)2014-06-16Feature request: save region settings
 00003341   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-06-03crash on watching memory allocations of ce's own process
 00003231   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-05-14dark byte plz ceserver-linux_arm_android new version
 00003241   textresolved (Dark Byte)2014-04-21Hotkeys «` = - , . / \ ; ' [ ]»
 00003251   textresolved (Dark Byte)2014-04-21RadioButton "cbTiny" doesn't show the hint
 0000327    featurenew2014-04-19Feature request: hint for table entries
 00003263   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2014-04-14The case where CE isn't responding when trying to open "Process List"
 00002302   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-25timer, ontimer, sender, related to 0000211
 00003223   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-24speedhack_setSpeed(1/240) speedhack_setSpeed(0.004166666666666666) interpreted as speedhack_setSpeed(0.00)
 00003211   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-18[Lua] Canvas lineTo
 000032041 textresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-15Cyrillic encoding trouble in MemoryView
 00003193   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-15"Access violation" while trying to change the header or comment in MemoryView
 000031411 crashresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13Scan Dir
 000029951 tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13CE 6.3 - Order of editboxes for pointer rescan dialog's 'End address'
 000031811 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13Speedhack box covering other things
 00003062   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13CE 6.3 - Error in AOB scan instruction is not detected
 000029731 featureresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13Audio feedback on hotkey
 000030571 blockresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13CE 6.3 - Trace does not trace into calls
 00003022   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13CE 6.3 - Trace does not include the first instruction on break
 00003041   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-12Intermodular call index
 00003031   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-12Remember "Break and trace" condition settings
 00003011   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-12CE 6.3 - Pasted address does not set type for pointers
 00003001   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-12Case sensitive checkbox for String type is reset when clicking New Scan
 00002864   tweakfeedback (Dark Byte)2013-12-20CE 6.3 - Pointer rescan speed
 0000313 1 featurenew2013-12-19Tables Database
 0000312    crashnew2013-12-14Breakpoint crash
 00003111   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2013-12-05darkbyte 32bit driver compile error[rev2239]
 00003082   tweaknew2013-11-25CE 6.3 - CE spins up unused HDD on scan (and CE hangs in the meantime)
 00003072   trivialnew2013-11-24CE 6.3 - Break and trace window opens on cancel
 000028911 textresolved (Dark Byte)2013-11-13CE 6.3 - 64bit trace registers piling up on UI
 00002811   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-11-13CE6.3 - Auto assembler uses wrong injection point
 00002801   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2013-11-13CE6.3 - Sticky highlight in stack view
 00002791   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2013-11-13CE6.3 - Search stack view
 00002781   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2013-11-13CE6.3 - Changing multiple entries in data dissect window
 00002962   minornew2013-10-27CE 6.3 (Frankenstein_Base_1975_upto_2180) - Row size lock is not preserved
 00002942   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-27Break and trace
 00002951   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-26CE 6.3 (Frankenstein_Base_1975_upto_2180) - AutoAssembler can't compile instruction
 00002934   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-26Never-debug list
 00002752   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-25disassembler, fmul qword
 00002741   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-25Show previous value column
 000029211 trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-25CE 6.3 - Trace hint does not respect data width
 00002647   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-25Address List Tweaks
 00002631   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-23View as hex in cheat list when frozen
 00002902   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-22CE 6.3 - Autoassembler creates wrong byte code
 00002872   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-11CE 6.3 - Tracer's 'Find' command does not find LUA expression
 00002881   tweaknew2013-10-10CE 6.3 - Scan for 'All' type to ingore N/A types
 00002853   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-10-03CE 6.3 - Tracer's 'Find' command keeps accumulating 'return'
 00002834   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2013-09-30CE 6.3 - Pointer scan includes low addresses
 00002825   featurenew2013-09-29CE6.3 - Custom templates for auto-assembler
 0000277    featureacknowledged2013-09-14Add minimum level to pointer scan.
 00002592   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-08-29Disassembler and Assembler needs to be fixed
 00002193   minorfeedback (Dark Byte)2013-08-19Disassembler: Wrong asm
 00002721   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-08-11Lua MemoryRecord's Description property is not working
 00002713   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-08-10Bug using multiple scan tabs: random addresses added to address list instead of what shows in results.
 00002682   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-07-27[Lua] methods and properties problems
 00002674   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-07-26System handles for cheat engine are too many
 00002601   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-07-06"Component" property
 00002582   blocknew2013-06-30Cheat Engine 5.6.1 "Invalid Pointer Operation"
 00002571   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-06-16Using "Remove selected address (ctrl+del)"
 000025531 majorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-06-13problem with rescan 0 (float) after searching of unknown value
 000025611 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-06-13CE trainer not play .xm music
 000025411 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-06-09limit of records selection in address list
 00002531   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-06-08TfrmChangedAddresses not called
 00002521   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-06-07Structure Spider minor bug
 00002513   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-06-06Group Scan Doesn't Use Hex
 000025021 textacknowledged2013-06-06minor problem with the captions of the trainer buttons with using the translation
 00002492   trivialnew2013-05-31[AA syntax checker] - small improvement
 00002481   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2013-05-21Feature request: background colour for rows in data dissect window
 000024741 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-05-20"Address list is blank" not fixed
 000024332 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-05-20CE 6.2+ (pure rev.1809_32bit) Address list is blank
 00002461   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-05-20Value field is too small when rescanning pointers
 000024521 blockresolved (Dark Byte)2013-05-20CE 6.2+ (pure rev.1809_32bit) Array not found in executable
 000024412 crashresolved (Dark Byte)2013-05-17CE 6.2+ (pure rev.1809_32bit) All tables entries in selection range are enabled
 0000242    minornew2013-05-126.2 Access violation I Found
 00002412   crashconfirmed2013-04-23First Scan 0 Next Scan 0 CE 6.2 Stop responding
 000024044 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-21Lua file. "This is not a valid cheat table (buffer error)"
 000023932 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-15getProcesslist function or Stringlist class problem
 00002381   textresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-15Hint for "Last Digits" not displayed
 00002203   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-14wrong lua symhandler for local
 000021321 blockresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-13CE 6.2: Data dissect window scrollbar is a bit off
 00002251   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-12display bug of "Break and Trace config" window
 00002262   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-12display bug of "Structure linker" window
 00002371   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-08[LUA] memscan_returnOnlyOneResult doesn't work as it worked before
 00002362   minoracknowledged2013-04-07reinitializeSymbolhandler sometimes freeze CE
 000023562 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-04-04CE expired
 00002284   majornew2013-03-31SpeedHAck Does not work
 00002342   majornew2013-03-29Z77A-G45 Problem
 000023311 majorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-03-22CE crash without error after loading old CT which contains other file
 00002325   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2013-03-21Standalone trainer not launching (probably standalone2 crash )
 00002292   majornew2013-03-165.6.1 debbug error
 0000231 1 majornew2013-03-165.6.1 Software BP bug
 00002271   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2013-02-21SpeedHack Problem
 00002101   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-02-19Doesn't run "Tutorial-i386.exe" from main CE window in 32bit
 00002242   majornew2013-02-12The Scan (and next scan) shows wrong values On CE 5.61 and 6.2 Windows 7 64Bit 8GBRAM
 00002231   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-02-07"Undo Scan" button doesn't work
 00002165   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-30CE 6.2 pointer rescan bug
 00002181   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-28[MemScan Class] memscan_firstScan() & obj.firstScan()
 00002151   trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-26CE 6.2: Old structures are not dropped on opening a second table
 00002061   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-26crash while using two or more scan tabs
 0000214    featurenew2013-01-26CE: Ask which file to open
 00002121   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-26[Addresslist Class] - addresslist_getMemoryRecordByID cause "Access violation"
 00002113   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-25Timer Class, problem with "sender"
 00002041   textresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-24Same hint
 00002058   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-24AOBSCAN(varname,bytestring) and varname+offset
 00002092   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-23[MenuItem class] - problem with menuItem_add(mi, newItem) & method add
 00002073   minornew2013-01-21about using luasocket in CE.
 0000203 1 minoracknowledged2013-01-16Align buf on lua gui
 000020232 minoracknowledged2013-01-13Lua autoAssambler bug
 0000201103 minorfeedback (Dark Byte)2013-01-12Lua nativethread bug
 00002001   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2013-01-12Funny group scan
 00001991   minoracknowledged2013-01-11[CE6.2 svn] dd array issue.
 00001945   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-23Feature request: save trace
 000019724   minoracknowledged2012-12-23newly set breakpoints do not trigger sometimes
 00001961   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-21CE 6.2 x64: CE won't find byte array that is not correctly spaced
 00001952   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-21CE 6.2 x64: GroupScan won't scan for negative integers
 000019211 blockresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-20CE 6.2 x64: GroupScan won't scan for strings
 00001911   trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-20Rescan pointerlist menu flawed textbox
 000019811 crashresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-20Crash in tutorial first step.
 0000193 1 blockacknowledged2012-12-18CE 6.2 x64: Switching to another struct causes error and hang
 000019075 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-14speedhack crash game.
 00001772   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-01Structure paste in data dissect
 0000180    minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-01disassemble error about operand size
 000018831 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-01invalid relative jump issues
 0000181    minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-01Disassembler: SHLD r16, r16, imm8
 0000179    minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-12-01speedhack_setSpeed is limited to two digits after the decimal point
 00001851   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-11-27Value Type: All dependant Hex value search bug
 000017611 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-11-27DW,DD and DQ write first value always when multiple entered
 000018711 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-11-27[CE6.2-i386] invalid masm jump using @f
 00001891   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-11-14Disassembler: xor (opcode 0x81)
 00001861   blockacknowledged2012-11-14CE 6.2: Process crash on breaking into low-level libraries
 00001783   crashacknowledged2012-10-22Crash when closing CE after selected process has been closed
 00001842   majoracknowledged2012-10-22[CE6.2-i386] "Execute till return Shift-F8" working incorrectly
 00001831   minoracknowledged2012-10-15Unlogical window handling
 00001659   majornew2012-07-22Access Violation on Start-up.
 000017414 majorconfirmed2012-07-22Cheat Engine displays bad right-to-left gui controls when the system locale settings are set to a right-to-left language
 0000173134 crashacknowledged2012-07-09[Windows 7 / 64bit / KernelModeDBG / BSOD]
 00001723   crashacknowledged2012-07-04Windows 7 x64 SP1 and Cheat Engine 6.2 x86 crash
 00001711   minoracknowledged2012-05-03(save/open + open process list icon) causes crash on cheat engine 6.1 !
 00001626   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2012-04-23Choosing "Find out what writes to this address" always results in BSOD
 000017021 minornew2012-04-19CheatEngine 6.1 Crashes on Open/Save (64-Bit)
 00001692   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2012-04-15bug on 6.1 using Firefox and not able to produce desired unit.
 0000167    majorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-04-02License is dead
 00001661   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2012-03-31Age of Empire III Desynchronization problem
 00001641   textresolved (Dark Byte)2012-02-19Cheat Engine single-linge assembler
 00001612   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2012-01-30Changing pointer value of binary resets bit offset and length
 00001602   textresolved (Dark Byte)2012-01-24translation of tutorial.exe doesn't work
 00001572   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2011-12-31LUA createHotkey(func, key) doesn't work
 00001561   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2011-12-30displayMethod not set for loaded structures
 000015512 majorconfirmed2011-11-30xml format save file error CE6.1 (win7)
 000015411 blockresolved (Dark Byte)2011-11-27AA Script compilation error and permanent freeze of CE 6.1
 00000244   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2011-11-27Having one cheat engine opened after the game has closed effects result in another cheat engine
 00001532   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2011-11-27CE - 6.1 drag'n drop freeze
 00001482   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-10-09Adding pointer level improperly adjusts pointers
 00001314   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-25CE 5.5 does not accept certain defines
 00001081   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-25Auto Assemble Cheat Hotkeys
 00001161   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-24CE 5.5 scope of define(...)
 00001122   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-24CE 5.5 - slow, blinking list
 00001142   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-24CE 5.5 accelerators
 00001172   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-24CE 5.5 Cannot compile instruction (fild dqword ptr [esp+x])
 00001182   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-24CE 5.5: The memory search freezes after "Stay on top" is choosen (rightclick on title bar)
 00001241   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-24CE 5.5 No work good whit - fnstsw ax
 00001261   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-24CE no can compile fcom st(0),st(2)
 00001451   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-12AutoAssembler Push opcode error
 00001251   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-11Incorrect bytes in FLDZ instruction
 00001441   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-10AutoAssembler, error in CMP opcode
 00001431   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-10AutoAssembler can't compile anymore
 00001421   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-10Integer Overflow in assembler
 00001331   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-03Copy address or module address
 00001322   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2009-09-02CE 5.5 auto-assemble does not accept xorps instruction
 00001412   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-08-23CE incorrect byte in opcode
 00001301   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2009-08-22CE 5.5 wrong code assembled results in crash
 00001401   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2009-08-21Virus Detection !!
 00001372   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-08-13Autoassembler no can white this instruction/opcode
 00001343   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2009-08-04CE 5.5 captures too short byte code on auto-assemble
 00001292   featureacknowledged2009-07-24View pointer scan results
 0000113    featureacknowledged2009-04-17Mouse-less operation
 00001112   trivialnew2009-03-29CE 5.5 Startup Error in Win7
 00001075   blockconfirmed2009-02-24Base pointer error
 000005211   blockassigned2009-02-19CE 5.4.2 - cannot search
 00001052   featureacknowledged2009-02-11Save dissected data
 00001062   featureconfirmed2009-02-11Display value as text from a list
 00001013   featureacknowledged2009-02-09Link "frozen" values
 00001032   blockacknowledged2009-02-09CE 5.5 Memory dissect - pointer type change does not take effect
 0000104    majoracknowledged2009-02-09CE 5.5 Memory dissect - access violation on pointer
 00001022   blockconfirmed2009-02-07CE 5.5 Valid ASM instruction not accepted
 00001002   minorconfirmed2009-02-06CE 5.5 Data/struct dissect window "funny scrolling"
 00000948   featureacknowledged2009-02-06CE 5.5 Window position/size is not saved
 00000993   minorconfirmed2009-02-03CE 5.5 Address mismatch
 00000982   blockacknowledged2009-02-03CE 5.5 FPU in trace
 00000965   minoracknowledged2009-02-03CE 5.5 Code finder identifies "funny" instructions
 00000971   majoracknowledged2009-02-03CE 5.5 Breakpoint after Break&Trace
 00000951   featureacknowledged2009-02-02Structure stepping
 00000932   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-02-01CE 5.5 - wrong codes in disassembler
 00000921   textresolved (Dark Byte)2009-01-28FINDING MULTI LEVEL POINTER BROKEN
 00000911   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2009-01-23Add address manually, pointer option messes up offset with multi-level pointers
 0000090    featureacknowledged2009-01-21Trainer Creator Feature suggestions
 0000089    tweakacknowledged2009-01-14More features to make a trainer? Look neater?
 00000743   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2009-01-03Compare memory blocks
 0000088    featureacknowledged2008-12-19Suggestion: Finding Byte-Array Improvement
 00000866   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-12-08CE 5.4 error : Wrong compiling ASM code
 00000851   trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2008-11-30Copy assembly code to clipboard
 00000763   trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2008-11-11CE 5.4.2 - Auto-assemble window position is not saved
 00000602   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2008-11-11CE 5.4.2 - cannot repeat pointer scan
 00000502   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2008-11-11CE 5.4.2 cannot find the right address
 00000493   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-11-11CE 5.4.2 Exception on next search (WBC2)
 00000532   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2008-11-11CE 5.4.2 - Code cave scan does nothing
 00000592   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2008-11-11Pointer Scanner
 00000815   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2008-11-11Feature Request
 0000084    trivialacknowledged2008-10-30CE5.44SVN UI not updated on paste
 00000831   trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2008-10-16CHEAT ENGINE
 000003417   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2008-10-13Assembler assignes wrong code
 00000822   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2008-10-01"Find out what reads from this address"... always crashs under Vista32
 00000792   featureacknowledged2008-09-26Remote Interface
 00000739   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2008-09-16crash while opening xEngine.exe (STALKER - Clear Sky)
 0000048    featureacknowledged2008-09-15Trainer Feature
 00000712   textresolved (Dark Byte)2008-09-09UI becomes messy with higher DPI resolution 2
 00000555   blockacknowledged2008-09-08CE 5.4.2 - Cannot debug (CE is not visible)
 00000513   blockacknowledged2008-09-08CE 5.4.2 - Cannot add pointer
 00000361   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-09-08Auto assembler douesn't work in 5.4
 0000028    minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-09-08CE 64 bit bug on vista
 00000142   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-09-08Icon on trainer maker
 00000682   featureconfirmed2008-09-07Change type of multiple records
 00000622   featureacknowledged2008-09-07Calculate offset
 00000672   blockacknowledged2008-09-07No memory controler found
 00000701   featureconfirmed2008-09-07Width base: 16
 00000691   featureconfirmed2008-09-07xmm registers
 00000662   featureacknowledged2008-09-01Logging
 00000652   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-08-31CE 5.4.2 - Code replaced on cancel
 00000112   minorconfirmed2008-08-27Short/Long jumps in Auto-assembler
 00000581   tweakacknowledged2008-08-10its not for mac
 00000562   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2008-08-01Hack Attempt detcted
 00000546   minorconfirmed2008-07-17CE 5.4.2 - Additional NOPs after conditional jump
 00000461   featureacknowledged2008-07-06Some Feature requests from me :-)
 00000451   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-06-26next scan fault
 0000041    featureassigned (Dark Byte)2008-05-23New feature: remember saved regions
 00000402   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-21Right-click menu does not appear on accessed address list
 00000355   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-21Pointer scanner stuck at "copying memory"
 00000291   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-20Possible Memory Leak via Pointer Scanner?
 00000261   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-19Save window positions/sizes
 00000224   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-19The new scan
 00000304   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-19Binary-scan dosn't work on 5.3 version
 00000421   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-08Copy to clipboard always copies both bytes and opcodes
 00000391   textconfirmed2008-05-08UI becomes messy with higher DPI resolution
 00000324   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-02-09Plugins Freeze Cheat Engine (Compiler Issue?)
 00000271   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2008-01-29CE causes crash by restoring wrong code
 00000217   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2008-01-14Speedhack crashes Cheatengine & Ultima Online
 00000192   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-01-02Invisible Scan Results ( CE: 5.4 )
 00000022   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2007-12-15Memory view - ImageBase
 00000182   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2007-10-03MainForm >> BSOD
 00000162   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-09-28AutoAssembler Tab/Space compliance
 00000151   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-09-27[completely minor](Memory viewer) Selected bytes remain when moving to a different address
 00000041   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-09-20Trainer Maker: Scripts that have malloc don't work
 00000123   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2007-09-19"Copying memory" on pointer scanner
 00000032   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-08-29Small num-pad error on hex view.
 00000091   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-08-29Cheat Table grouping
 00000101   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-08-29escape doesn't close the "type change"
 00000061   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2007-07-27shr eax,8bitreg isn't recognized
 00000081   featureresolved (user601)2007-07-27Add ability to change multiple addresses to a specific value using one hotkey
 00000013   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-07-26C in hex view exits editmode
 00000071   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-07-26Auto Assembler Scripts
 00000051   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-07-26Scan buffer at 0