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Mono Invoke Threading issue ?

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How do I cheat?
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2024 10:18 pm    Post subject: Mono Invoke Threading issue ? Reply with quote

i have been working on a cheat table for valheim but i have been struggling with mono_invoke_method. here is a snippet


function valheimMessage(text, stinger)
-- System.void(string text, bool playStinger)
  local methodId = getMethod(msgHudClassAddr, "ShowBiomeFoundMsg")
  local params = getParams(methodId)

  local msgInstance = readPointer(m_messageHud)
  local args = {}

  table.insert(args, {type="string", value=text})
  table.insert(args, {type="bool", value=stinger})
  mono_invoke_method(domainAddr, methodId, msgInstance, args)

the function seems to work great but the game crashes at random call intervals. i looked into it and i dont know if this is true but i think its because the thread used to call the function is potentially unsafe. i looked into crash dumps and consistently it returned ExceptionCode: c0000409 (Security check failure or stack buffer overrun)
i think when the game calls the same function while im invoking it. it causes the stack to corrupt or something and game crashes.
Is there a work-around for this and if so i would like the snippet of what it looks like. If you need more info ill try to provide it.
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Dark Byte
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2024 12:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

only solution would be to call the method you're interested in from inside the thread that normally calls it.

use a code injection on a frequently called method only used by that thread

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How do I cheat?
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2024 10:08 am    Post subject: Solved it. Reply with quote

I followed your advice (Was having issues along the way) but I made a solution which could be useful for others so im gonna post my solution.
My comments might be off on what is happening with the registers but it works. Only issue i ran into was that the unity strings will eventually get removed by the garbage collector so if u spam 100 messages some messages might be gone by then.

Here is my Injection script

define(bytes,55 48 8B EC 48 81 EC 10 01 00 00)



alloc(playBiomeMessage, $8)
alloc(biomeMessage, $8)
alloc(biomeMessageStinger, $4)



  // our code
  // determine whether to play message
  cmp [playBiomeMessage], 1
  jne @f

  // Allocate space for my stack
  sub rsp, 40

  // Preserve old rax since it is gonna be overriden by the call
  mov [rsp+32], rax

  // push what i need for parameters
  push rcx
  push rdx
  push r8

  // rcx = messageHud instance, rdx = text (unityString), r8d = play stinger (bool)
  mov rcx, [m_messageHud]
  mov rdx, [biomeMessage]
  mov r8d, [biomeMessageStinger]

  call MessageHud::ShowBiomeFoundMsg

  // Start cleaning up after call (must be reverse of push order)
  pop r8
  pop rdx
  pop rcx

  // clear all evidence of us
  mov rax, [rsp+32]
  add rsp, 40

  // turn off play message (this symbol will be used in lua to trigger this function by turning it to 1)
  mov [playBiomeMessage], 0
  jmp @f

  // original code
  // recover stolen bytes from jmp
  push rbp
  mov rbp,rsp
  sub rsp,40

  // jump back and resume normal code flow
  jmp return

 dd 0

  jmp newmem
  nop 6


  db bytes
  // push rbp
  // mov rbp,rsp
  // sub rsp,Player.m_zanim


This is my invoking script that handles the symbols I created, populates them and then changes playMessage symbol to 1 which will then call the function


if syntaxcheck then return end


local function getDomains()
  return mono_enumDomains()

local function createUnityString(text)
  local domain = getDomains()[0]
  return mono_new_string(domain, text)

local function valheimStinger(text, stinger)

  local biomeMessage      = getAddress("biomeMessage")
  local biomeStinger      = getAddress("biomeMessageStinger")
  local playBiomeMessage  = getAddress("playBiomeMessage")

  local dwUnityString = createUnityString(text)
  assert(dwUnityString ~= 0)

  writePointer(biomeMessage, dwUnityString)
  writeByte(biomeStinger, stinger)
  writeInteger(playBiomeMessage, 1)

valheimStinger("Wow it worked", 1)


Hope this helps anyone and ill try to reply to any questions about it (sorry in advance if i dont respond in a while) Smile
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