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Plants Vs Zombies

made by markheloking @ 2012-03-23 16:19:09

Author comments:
* No sun loss (when buying plants)
* Sun Reverse (gaining in stead of losing)
* Lots A Sun (999 for 1 sun)
* Gaining fast combo
* No money loss
* Money Reverse (gaining in stead of losing)
* Lots A Money (9999 for one coin/mower/etc)
* No chocolate loss
* Chocolate Reverse (may be unstable/not working)
* INSTA-BUILD! (no waiting time when building)

I have not had a chance tot test the chocolate code, because I lost my savegame, and I don't have any chocolate right now :P

INSTA BUILD! Finally! It's here! Get the updated version!
Please let me know if it works under all circumstances.

[UPDATE] 23 March 2012

- Redone, fixed and cleaned up Sun, Money, Combo and Chocolate codes
- Added Insta-Build
- Added Sun Reverse
- Added Money Reverse
- Added Lots A Money
- Added Chocolate Reverse

For any more cheat ideas, please let me know, I am kind of out of inspiration right now :P

Download table


User comments:
Posted by Kent_129 at 2012-08-17 09:21:55
Some cheats are not working like no chocolate loss no sun loss lot a sun. my game version is 1. 2

Posted by Roger1970 at 2012-08-04 15:09:53
how do i get the cheat table to work? plants vs zombies

Posted by markheloking at 2012-07-01 18:06:38
So I recently lost my savegame, which is the reason I didn't have any updates on this table lately. I am currently busy on acquiring that from someone. When I have a savegame again, I might be doing:
- Updates on chocolate etc. , since I didn't have a lot of time to test my updated version of those.
- See-through all vases anytime in the minigame (not sure if do-able, but will try)
- More cheats aimed at minigames

Posted by markheloking at 2011-03-28 15:50:00
wow. . . never thought it to be thát popular! it's the #1 most downloaded table on this website BY FAR. i mean: 31,000 downloads? :-O

anyway. i noticed that there's different versions of the game running around, because my trainer wasn't working on my friends version (from p2p somewhere). I might patch it to other versions on request.

if you want that to happen, sent me the link to download or torrent or whatever and some information on my mail adres markheloking@live. nl

thx u guys!