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<Absorb> Final Fantasy X (PAL) (PCSX2) Ver 2

made by oyyzj @ 2014-07-10 14:22:43

Author comments:
This is a wellknown RPG game

Final Fantasy X (German)

More info at READ ME

There are 2 options that I will keep it myself.

(Editing all Blitz Ball skills freely)
(Editing Weapon and Shield options + abilities freely)


Cheat Table contains:

* S.LV all characters <Script>
If You want manually freeze for Characters you are free to do so.

* Infinite Items <Script>
If you wish to manually edit Item number you are free to do so too.

* Battle MP + Overdrive <Script>
I tried like Darkbyte to find pointers for them. But "ehhh" I failed. <update> the dark aeons will have full OD too, so don't recommended to use this script.

* Battle MP and OD with pointers <update> I susscessfully understood the pointer methode of Darkbyte and made pointer out of it.

* Blitz Ball EXP to gain (freeze/edit only at EXP screen)

* Blitz Ball HP during Blitz Ball Match (freeze only during BB-Match)

* Blitz Ball stats (freeze only during BB-Match, when you got the Ball)

* Gil

* <update> Lulu's ultimate overdrive meter. but becarefull if you set the number too high you will watch for a long time.

* <update> Bestia's max stats. you don`t need to use tons of matz and time to lv up bestia anymore, god bless cheating lol.. :3

Download table


User comments:
Posted by oyyzj at 2016-12-11 12:41:19
Download is fine though. Tested it just now.

Posted by zhonga at 2016-10-12 08:06:46
can't download.