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<Absorb> Final Fantasy XII [GERMAN][PAL][PCSX2]

made by oyyzj @ 2014-04-16 15:55:44

Author comments:
Final Fantasy XII for German Version. PCSX2

Aktiviere die cheats nur dann, wenn Ihr euere Spielstand erfolgreich geladen habt. Sonst kann es zur Datenkorruption f├╝hren, sei gewarnt!

Ein Dank hat es noch niemandem geschadet.


* Infinite MP + Item usage[working] script if you prefer edit and freeze character mp, you can do it too

* You can edit female character buff

* You can edit and freeze Character licence

* You can edit and freeze female character stats (it won't show on game but it works. edit and freeze then kill some monster and you will see)

* Some Items

* Some mod codes for instant attacking and casting

* Money

* Summon's time. freeze it at decimal 18000 should be enough

* Chocobo's time.

Download table


User comments:
Posted by oyyzj at 2016-12-11 12:43:26
Download is fine. Stop trolling.

Posted by zhonga at 2016-10-12 08:17:31
can't download.

Posted by oyyzj at 2016-06-19 07:43:18
@sh00ter999 : Firstly enable cheat once you successfully loaded a game. Second your game should have the same version as i play, since scripts for aob differs through versions. And last if I remember correctly, you need atleast use a skill and 1 item (maybe potion which is easy to get) then enable the script. Because its an AoB scan it means on the start / continue of a game the aob code wont generate unless you use something.

Posted by sh00ter999 at 2016-02-11 15:20:09
Much appreciated :D
Great work on the script!

For some functions I would've loved some more descriptive names, for instance "Drops 1, Drops 2, Treasure 2/1 .." don't tell me much in what they do when you enable them.

Other than that I saw the most things work. Really great

It was a pity that the script for infinite MP + Item usage seemed to not work (my CE just froze) and also the chain seems unfunctional :|