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Battle Realms v1.0 Cheat Table

made by R!n_0f_K!NT@M@ @ 2013-05-01 11:16:49

Author comments:

[TESTED & WORKING] on Battle Realms v1.0
[NOT TESTED] on Battle Realms: Winter of The Wolf

I'm creating this cheat table using Cheat Engine 6.1
"You must open this cheat table in Cheat Engine in order to use it!"

Here are the Hotkeys to activate the cheats:
F1 - Infinite/Max Rice & Water [ON/OFF]
F2 - Infinite/Max Yang Points [ON/OFF]
F3 - Infinite/Max Yin Points [ON/OFF]
F4 - Unit/Population Limit is set to 9999* [PUSH]
F5 - Infinite Battle Gear** [ON/OFF]
Home - Instant Train Unit, Battle Gear & Techniques Upgrade*** [ON/OFF]
Page Up - Infinite Stamina (All Units) [ON/OFF]
End - Instant Build/Infinite Health (All Building)*** [ON/OFF]

NOTE: Activate During Play, works in both Kenji's Journey & Skirmish mode (works on any clans).

[ON/OFF] - Options info that has this label means you can activate/deactivating it any time.
[PUSH] - Option Info that has this label means you can activate it any time. It doesn't need to be deactivated.

* - Activate this on every battle because it's reset to default value after a battle.

** - Units that has Battle Gear ( i.e. Flash Powder, Starbust Rockets, etc. ) will have infinite amount of their Battle Gear. Doesn't work on units that have only 1 amount of their Battle Gear.

*** - You don't have to select a building when activating it because it will done the unit training/upgrades automatically in any building. Careful because the enemy also gain the same effect when you activate this option.

**** - Here are some of the effects:
1. Instant Build - If the building is under construction, or just been placed, as soon as the peasant touches it, the building is completed.
2.Instant Repair - If the building is damaged, it gets repaired instantly.
CAREFUL! Because the enemy also gain the same effects when you activate this option. Deactivate this option first if you want demolish a building (Yours or enemies).

ENJOY!!! (^.^)V


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