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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00003921   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-19Don't create empty "My Cheat Tables" folder in Documents
  0000413103 (No Category)minornew2015-11-19dark byte OpenProcess Fake Code impossible?
  0000416    (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-19Window doesn't attach to changed desktop-resolution
  00004151   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-19If the address is shown as hexadecimal, hotkeys for decreasing the value of the address won't work.
  00004121   (No Category)minornew2015-10-11dark byte vm detect bypass ok but kernel debug process dead bug or rdtsc time check detect
  00004101   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-10-05"Recalculate new addresses" has Offset Limit
  000041121 (No Category)minornew2015-10-05darkbyte manually dbvm load bsod crash!
  000040921 (No Category)minornew2015-10-01DarkByte VMPROTECT DBVM Detect VM EXIT?
  000040872 (No Category)minornew2015-09-22dark byte x64 patchguard disable mode IDT debug hook possible?
  00004062   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-09-16Dereferencing 64-bit pointers in memory viewer and auto assembler fails
   000040511 (No Category)featurenew2015-09-04darkbyte kernelmemory address break point impossible?
  0000399185 (No Category)minornew2015-08-28darkbyte one more question?
  00004031   (No Category)minornew2015-08-23Lack of disk space and search
  00004021   (No Category)majoracknowledged (Dark Byte)2015-08-22"ALL" search doesn't work in the latest SVN build,
  0000401    (No Category)crashacknowledged (Dark Byte)2015-08-20Cheat Engine Mono Feature doesn't work correctly with latest Unity Games.
  000040041 (No Category)minornew2015-08-12writes Ignore WriteProtection bug or option?
  00003961   (No Category)majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-07-12no good way to see "conditional complex breakpoint" errors
  00003971   (No Category)majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-07-12Pointer scanner - repeat rescan memory leak
  0000391112 (No Category)minornew2015-06-19my testing some hexview stuff language
  000036972 (No Category)blockassigned (Dark Byte)2015-06-10error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported.
  0000393 1 (No Category)minornew2015-05-14ce6.4Injection to trim assembly
  00003284   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29Lua tonumber() function not returning negative numbers in some cases
  000032911 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29dark byte Memory View WideChar view?
  00003321   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-28CE 6.3 - allow storing data using wildcards
  00003471   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-28Dealing with "other" whitespace characters in AutoAssembly script.
  00003094   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-28FPU instructions in 64bit mode
  00003381   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-28Feature request: Custom set of types to scan
  00003879   (No Category)blocknew2015-04-07Dark Byte OP(Openprocess Detection Bypass? IDEA?)
  0000389    (No Category)minornew2015-04-025.0 vs 5
  0000388    (No Category)trivialconfirmed (Dark Byte)2015-03-29will only replace 1 instruction at a time with NOP(s)
  00003863   (No Category)crashnew2015-03-23Dark Byte Cheat engine X64 kernel Memory Edit Kernel32.dll API ALL PROCESS FIX
  00003851   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-03-19CE 6.4 Inconsistent math on hotkey in-/decreases on hex values
  0000383    (No Category)minornew2015-03-11Vaule not staying them same
  0000382    (No Category)majornew2015-03-10Not scaning
  00003811   (No Category)minornew2015-03-10Need help not getting anything in scan
   000038011 (No Category)crashnew2015-03-09Dark Byte One suggestion?
  0000379    (No Category)minornew2015-03-04Tutorial crash on code injection/disassembler edit/replacing with NOP
  00003763   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-03-01x64 cheat engine fails to allocate 9GB ram
  0000378 1 (No Category)minornew2015-02-28[ceserver] CE client frequently unresponsive in Windows after connecting.
  00003771   (No Category)featurenew2015-02-28use thread injection to scan for memory?
  00003173   trivialnew2015-02-27window spawns out of screen
  000037521 (No Category)majornew2015-02-27unable to scan for single bit
   0000374185 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-02-23Dark Byte Cheat engine X64 kernel Memory Edit Impossible?
  000037351 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-02-17Ansi String & Unicode Change And Input String Data 0D 0A bug?
  0000372101 (No Category)crashresolved (Dark Byte)2015-02-10DarkByte Cheat engine Dbvm bsod crash bug?
  000037141 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-02-09[rev2901 Compile] disassembly out put Holding a 64-bit process seems to be a 32-bit process
   00003684   (No Category)crashnew2015-02-07Hello,Dark byte 1 More Question? Cheat Engine Dbvm Kernel Detective VMProtect
  0000367    minorconfirmed (Dark Byte) fieldnames of superclasses in different assemblies are wrong
  0000370    (No Category)majornew2015-02-07Speedhack is stuck on in Euro Truck Simulator 2
  00003621   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-01-190F 50 D1 is disassembled incorrectly
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