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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000467    (No Category)featurenew2016-05-24Allow Custom Type to display string Value
  0000466    (No Category)majornew2016-05-24Custom Type bytecount "Value" display limited to 4
  00004272   (No Category)featurenew2016-05-22Feature request: New scan type
  00004651   (No Category)textnew2016-05-11"DLL injection failed", but why?
  000046411 (No Category)featurenew2016-04-21Access Violation when saving Table
  000046213 (No Category)minornew2016-03-24Break and trace in ntdll.dll does not trace correctly
  0000461 1 (No Category)minornew2016-03-16darkbyte driver object information add view suggestion
  0000460    (No Category)minornew2016-03-12Access Violation - multi monitor config
  000045912 (No Category)minornew2016-03-11darkbyte autoassembler drivername symbol add suggestion & kernel Memory Search
  000045821 (No Category)minornew2016-03-04hi db obregistercallbacks xenos injection code add possible?
  000043421 (No Category)blockresolved (Dark Byte)2016-02-22TTreeNodes.GetNodeFromIndex: Consistency error - count too big
  00003177   trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2016-02-22window spawns out of screen
  00004332   (No Category)minornew2016-02-16hi darkbyte network process target open debug & search possible?
  00004321   (No Category)minornew2016-02-11forcedinjection plugin can not be used in CE6.5
  00004311   (No Category)trivialresolved (Dark Byte)2016-02-09Wrong disassembly of mov r14l, 01
   0000430    (No Category)minornew2016-01-29darkbyte kernel debugging call function f8 trace bug?
  00004281   (No Category)minornew2016-01-07What is the CE contributing process?
  00004261   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-01-06Multi-monitor environment regression
  0000429    (No Category)featurenew2016-01-05Create a way to the value as hexadecimal
  00004251   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2016-01-02Access violation on Fast Scan with Tabs
  00004241   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-29Add to address list is not considered a change
  000042321 (No Category)textresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-26Font does not scale properly for 4k retina display
  000042021 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-21Hex dump only copies 1 byte
  000041919   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-21Pointer size increments by 4 on 64 bit
  000042221 (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-21x64 auto assembler offset too big error
  000042111 (No Category)crashresolved (Dark Byte)2015-12-20cheat engine auto assembler syscall create error
  00003921   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-19Don't create empty "My Cheat Tables" folder in Documents
  0000413103 (No Category)minornew2015-11-19dark byte OpenProcess Fake Code impossible?
  0000416    (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-19Window doesn't attach to changed desktop-resolution
  00004151   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-11-19If the address is shown as hexadecimal, hotkeys for decreasing the value of the address won't work.
  00004121   (No Category)minornew2015-10-11dark byte vm detect bypass ok but kernel debug process dead bug or rdtsc time check detect
  00004101   (No Category)minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-10-05"Recalculate new addresses" has Offset Limit
  000041121 (No Category)minornew2015-10-05darkbyte manually dbvm load bsod crash!
  000040921 (No Category)minornew2015-10-01DarkByte VMPROTECT DBVM Detect VM EXIT?
  000040872 (No Category)minornew2015-09-22dark byte x64 patchguard disable mode IDT debug hook possible?
  00004062   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-09-16Dereferencing 64-bit pointers in memory viewer and auto assembler fails
   000040511 (No Category)featurenew2015-09-04darkbyte kernelmemory address break point impossible?
  0000399185 (No Category)minornew2015-08-28darkbyte one more question?
  00004031   (No Category)minornew2015-08-23Lack of disk space and search
  00004021   (No Category)majoracknowledged (Dark Byte)2015-08-22"ALL" search doesn't work in the latest SVN build,
  0000401    (No Category)crashacknowledged (Dark Byte)2015-08-20Cheat Engine Mono Feature doesn't work correctly with latest Unity Games.
  000040041 (No Category)minornew2015-08-12writes Ignore WriteProtection bug or option?
  00003961   (No Category)majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-07-12no good way to see "conditional complex breakpoint" errors
  00003971   (No Category)majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-07-12Pointer scanner - repeat rescan memory leak
  0000391112 (No Category)minornew2015-06-19my testing some hexview stuff language
  000036972 (No Category)blockassigned (Dark Byte)2015-06-10error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported.
  0000393 1 (No Category)minornew2015-05-14ce6.4Injection to trim assembly
  00003284   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29Lua tonumber() function not returning negative numbers in some cases
  000032911 minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-29dark byte Memory View WideChar view?
  00003321   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2015-04-28CE 6.3 - allow storing data using wildcards
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