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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00003621[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-01-190F 50 D1 is disassembled incorrectly
   0000361 [Cheat Engine]
majorconfirmed2015-01-18Interface unusably small on high dpi 4k display
   00003601[Cheat Engine]
crashnew2015-01-17Cheat Engine MyCreatethread Debuging Error?
   00003591[Cheat Engine]
majornew2015-01-14massive memory leak mainly on a 64bit process under Pointer Scanner
   00003551[Cheat Engine]
blocknew2015-01-11I can't download the file. I think it's blocked. Can someone help me? Please.
   00003562[Cheat Engine]
majorresolved (Dark Byte)2015-01-06Cheat Engine Query Memory Region Routines Error?
   00003581[Cheat Engine]
blocknew2015-01-02Cheat Engine driver is detected.
   0000357 [Cheat Engine]
textnew2014-12-21Add support of the Ukrainian language.
   00003407[Cheat Engine]
crashacknowledged2014-12-09cheat engine 6.4 dbvm kernel debug process crash bug fix plz
   00003546[Cheat Engine]
tweakfeedback2014-11-25CE 6.4 x64 jumps
   00003523[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-11-15debug_getBreakpointList and IsDebugging
   00003503[Cheat Engine]
crashfeedback2014-11-07Cheat engine Tutorial Crashes at end of step 8
   00003451[Cheat Engine]
blockresolved (Dark Byte)2014-11-03CE 6.4 Pointer scan sort throws ioob error
   00003446[Cheat Engine]
blockresolved (Dark Byte)2014-10-21CE 6.4 Pointer scan yields incorrect pointers
   0000347 [Cheat Engine]
tweakacknowledged2014-10-21Dealing with "other" whitespace characters in AutoAssembly script.
   00003491[Cheat Engine]
textresolved (Dark Byte)2014-10-20CE 6.4 displays wrong comment
   00003481[Cheat Engine]
   00003462[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-10-12CE 6.4 Pointer scan does not compress pointer file when first scan was uncompressed
   00003093[Cheat Engine]
majorfeedback (Dark Byte)2014-09-15FPU instructions in 64bit mode
   00003432[Cheat Engine]
crashacknowledged2014-09-13Android ceserver/cheatengine "All debug registers are currently used " and Freeze
   00003422[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-09-06In Lua, getAddress/inModule can return errors that pcall() cannot catch
   0000341 [Cheat Engine]
majornew2014-08-27Speed Hack Problem
   00002843[Cheat Engine]
majorfeedback (Dark Byte)2014-07-23cheat engine 6.3 bugs while using on soulsplit rsps
   0000339 [Cheat Engine]
featurenew2014-07-10Feature request: Compact UI
   0000338 [Cheat Engine]
featurenew2014-07-08Feature request: Custom set of types to scan
   0000337 [Cheat Engine]
majornew2014-07-04cheat engine 6.4 pointer scanner under Windows 8.1 update 1 x64 Professional
   0000336 [Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-06-15aob injection and full injection, CE freeze
   0000335 [Cheat Engine]
featureresolved (Dark Byte)2014-06-15Feature request: save region settings
   00003313[Cheat Engine]
blockfeedback2014-06-03CE 6.3 r2488 64bit - Cannot see 32bit register contents in trace
   00003341[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-06-03crash on watching memory allocations of ce's own process
   0000332 [Cheat Engine]
featurenew2014-05-22CE 6.3 - allow storing data using wildcards
   00003231[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-05-14dark byte plz ceserver-linux_arm_android new version
   0000329 [Cheat Engine]
minornew2014-05-07dark byte Memory View WideChar view?
   00003283[Cheat Engine]
minorconfirmed2014-05-05Lua tonumber() function not returning negative numbers in some cases
   00003241[Cheat Engine]
textresolved (Dark Byte)2014-04-21Hotkeys «` = - , . / \ ; ' [ ]»
   00003251[Cheat Engine]
textresolved (Dark Byte)2014-04-21RadioButton "cbTiny" doesn't show the hint
   0000327 [Cheat Engine]
featurenew2014-04-19Feature request: hint for table entries
   00003263[Cheat Engine]
crashresolved (Dark Byte)2014-04-14The case where CE isn't responding when trying to open "Process List"
   00002302[Cheat Engine]
tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-24timer, ontimer, sender, related to 0000211
   00003223[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-24speedhack_setSpeed(1/240) speedhack_setSpeed(0.004166666666666666) interpreted as speedhack_setSpeed(0.00)
   00003211[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-17[Lua] Canvas lineTo
   00003204[Cheat Engine]
textresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-15Cyrillic encoding trouble in MemoryView
   00003193[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-15"Access violation" while trying to change the header or comment in MemoryView
   00003141[Cheat Engine]
crashresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13Scan Dir
   00002995[Cheat Engine]
tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13CE 6.3 - Order of editboxes for pointer rescan dialog's 'End address'
   00003181[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13Speedhack box covering other things
   00003062[Cheat Engine]
crashresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13CE 6.3 - Error in AOB scan instruction is not detected
   00002973[Cheat Engine]
featureresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-13Audio feedback on hotkey
   00003057[Cheat Engine]
blockresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-12CE 6.3 - Trace does not trace into calls
   00003022[Cheat Engine]
minorresolved (Dark Byte)2014-02-12CE 6.3 - Trace does not include the first instruction on break
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